About Us

        We’re a team of passionate art lovers dedicated to helping artists earn a living and share their masterpieces with the world by making great products featuring their work. We’re very hands-on and proudly print and manufacture our products in Toronto’s Junction neighborhood.

        In 2005, we were inspired to create a line of artist-designed covers to protect our iPods (iPods!). We called them GelaSkins. We’ve come a long way since then and have blossomed into a full-blown community and marketplace for artists. Our scope may have evolved but our mission has not; to support artists by making great products. We feel blessed to work with so many talented people and are extremely happy to report that we’ve paid out over $2,500,000 in royalties over the past eight years!

        If you’re an artist looking for an ally to create great things or you just want to make your life more beautiful through unique products, you’ve come to the right place.