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        Do you have a creative soul? Make custom phone cases, laptop skins or gallery-quality prints and canvases using your own artwork or photographs...

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        Custom Phone Cases

        Think of your phone as art in your pocket. Our gorgeously printed cases are built super-tough to handle all of life's bumps while still looking like the bee's knees. Whether it's a picture of your cute kids, that awesome sunset at the cottage or Humphrey the Cat being a dork, our perfect-fit cases look fantastic and keep your phone safe.

        Framed Art Prints & Stretched Canvases

        We’ve managed to combine style, quality and great value into one awesome package. Your custom prints and canvases will be crafted using the same museum-grade materials that we use for our roster of all-star artists’ masterpieces so you can make your space emanate beauty without breaking the bank. Your walls can thank us later.

        All-Over Print T-Shirts

        Are you dying to drape your torso with your favourite art? Of course you are. You're a trend setter. Our all-over print t-shirts have the wearability and softness of a cloud wrapped in velvet with the same super-sharp print quality that the Louvre would demand. Make the statement that you've been waiting to make and get your t-shirts all-over printed.

        Throw Pillows

        Make your new favorite pillow! After much searching, we found a nice, soft pillow fabric with a luxurious linen texture that suits a wide range of art styles. Both sides of the pillow are printed, sewn together and finished with an invisible zipper. Available with or without the pillow insert in three sizes (16x16”, 20x20” and 20x14”). Made with 100% spun polyester.

        Greeting Cards

        We were tired of generic greeting cards with cliché and impersonal messages, so we decided to make our own. Everything about these cards — from the FSC paper to the luxurious print quality — carries an aura of thoughtfulness. Now you can have the perfect card for any occasion.

        Phone, Laptop & Tablet Skins

        The product that started it all almost a decade ago: GelaSkins. They look just as good now as they ever have, especially displaying your own photographic memories or works of art. Our skins boast top-of-the-line inks and a tough, crystal-clear laminate to protect against everyday wear and tear. So be prepared to field the question we get asked on the street every day: "Where DID you get that?"