Artist Information

        • I’m an artist, can I join?

          Unfortunately, we are not accepting new artists at this time. This may change at some point though, so please check back again later.

        • How are artists paid?

          Royalties are paid through PayPal, which is secure, free, and instant. You can track your sales and withdraw from your available balance any time.

        • Do I retain the rights to my images?

          Yes. When you upload your work, you enter into a non­exclusive licensing agreement with us so that we may produce products with your artwork.

        • Can I decide which products are made with my artwork?

          Absolutely. When you upload new work, you decide which product categories you want to enable for sale. We add new product lines from time to time and we’ll give you lots of notice so you can decide if you want to opt in or not.

        • What are the guidelines for uploading art?

          Firstly, it needs to be your artwork. Secondly, it needs to be big; ideally 6000px in either dimension (2000px minimum), up to 100MB in size, and saved in RGB format. Read our full upload guidelines. If you have any trouble, or have any questions at all, please just contact our friendly team for help.

        Orders, Shipping & Returns

        • What payment methods are accepted?

          We accept major credit cards and PayPal. Signing up for a PayPal account is easy, and you don't need to have a credit card. Visit for more information.

        • My credit card keeps getting denied

          If you're experiencing issues with entering your credit card, double­check that all of the information is exactly as it appears on your statement. If everything is correct, your card type could be an issue (some debit and gift cards are not accepted by our payment processor), or it could be a restriction on cross­border purchases (don't forget, we're in Canada). You'll want to contact your credit card provider for further assistance.

        • What’s this weird, tiny fee on my statement?

          In rare situations, your credit card provider may charge you a small extra fee (less than a dollar) for cross­border transactions. It’s because we’re located in Canada. It’s a bummer but there’s nothing we can do about it. We only receive the amount stated on your receipt.

        • How long does it take to make and ship my order?

          We do our best to have orders produced and shipped from our Toronto HQ within two business days. Please do note that larger orders, and those containing canvases, art prints, pillows, and t-shirts can take a few days longer. Don't hesitate to drop us a line with any questions about how long your order might take.

        • How much does shipping cost?

          The costs and times vary depending on what you're ordering and where you're located; you'll be able to see these costs before you commit to buying anything in your shopping cart. Some international orders can incur import, customs, and brokerage fees. These costs are the sole responsibility of the receiver and we advise you check with local postal, UPS, or import authorities prior to completing your order. We are unable to mark any order shipments as gifts or samples.

        • Can I return or exchange my order?

          Any unused, unopened product can be returned for a refund or exchange within 30 days of receipt, no questions asked. 'Create Your Own' items cannot be refunded, but can be returned for credit.

        Create Your Own

        • Can I upload my own image?

          Yes! Take that favourite family photo, your business logo, or just your own personal art and turn it into beautiful goods.

        • Can I use an image from the internet?

          It’s best to use your own photos, logos or artwork. We don’t recommend using images you've found somewhere online because A) you probably don’t have the right to use it and B) it’s probably way too small to print out nicely. Which brings us to our next point...

        • What file size and type should my image be?

          When uploading an image, please ensure the image is at least 1000px x 1000px (up to a max of 100MB). Save your file as a JPG or PNG.

        • Hey, I’m a die hard GelaSkins user and I liked the old Customizer better!

          We’ve rewritten our customizer workflow from scratch and it’s still a work in progress. Please bear with us; when we’re done, it’ll be better than ever – faster to load, mobile­ friendly, no Flash! If there’s a feature that you’re missing, contact us and we’ll try to help you out.